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Quality and Education Development

The School is responsible for the quality of teaching, learning and assessment received by its medical, dental and taught postgraduate students, whether delivered centrally (Queen Mary campuses) or peripherally (partner Trusts or elsewhere). In this context it follows the quality assurance (QA) strategy, policies and guidelines of the College, to whom it is responsible via the latter's Quality Enhancement Committee. Formally, the School delegates QA matters to its Education Board (soon to become the Faculty Board)

In 2000 Dentistry scored a maximum 24 points in the Subject Review conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency, with Medicine achieving 21 points. In the same year many areas of the medical and dental courses were praised by the Education Committees of the GMC and GDC, respectively. In 2004/05 the Dental School had a successful visitation from the GDC, and several aspects of the SMD's educational provision were praised by the QAA in its Institution Audit of the College in 2004. In 2008/09 the quality of the MBBS programmes is being assessed by the GMC's Education Committee, and the School is anticipating a positive outcome. In recent student satisfaction surveys the SMD has scored high marks for learning resources and student support.

The Unit of Education Quality and Education Development includes:

Professor Olwyn Westwood
Associate Dean (Education Quality) email:

Further information on Education Quality is available on the School Quality Matters Website.  

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