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The iBSc in Medical Education

Welcome to the Intercalated BSc in Medical Education.

Doctors should have an understanding of educational principles and teaching skills (General Medical Council, 2003, Modernising Medical Careers, 2004). In line with this, our iBSc aims to prepare today’s medical graduates to become tomorrow’s educators – to become not only skilled and reflective teachers, but also those who will become deeply involved with medical schools, their courses and their curricula. We aim to encourage our students to become the clinical academics of the future.

The programme is composed of five taught blocks which balance the need for both academic theory and its application to the development of effective teaching skills:

  • Fundamentals of Education
  • Theory behind Teaching and Learning
  • Research Methods
  • Teaching Methods and Teaching Skills
  • Assessment and Evaluation

Please see the full programme outline for more information.

Students benefit from diverse and innovative education methods, including wikis, concept-mapping, debates, writing responses to journal articles, interviewing teachers and students, sessions on the history of medical education, academic writing workshops and project clinics.

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